ICIIS 2021
Workshops, Special Session and TutorialsDateSynopsisOrganisers
Special Session on “5G Evolution
and 6G”
09th of December 2021
This full-day Special Session
aims to bring together worldwide researchers and experts from the academia and Industry to discuss the latest advances as related to the enabling technologies, design and real deployment, use cases and regulatory aspects of 5G wireless networks towards 6G. Moreover, during panel sessions, the audience will have a chance to discuss about ongoing developments and emerging trends of 5G/6G
(RAN/applications/role of AI) with the workshop resource persons.

Further Details: Special Session on 5G Evoluation and 6 G
Prof. K.M. Liyanage
Dr. Himal A. Suraweera
Workshop: “Deep learning for Better Understanding: Leveraging deep learning for machine translation”09th of December 2021Decreasing the language barrier can lead to better understanding among different communities. Machine Translation(MT) can be defined as automated translation from one natural language (e.g Tamil) to another natural language (e.g. Sinhalese).  Machine translation may involve tackling some unique (thereby interesting) challenges, because it is not simply a word to word translation, but involves understanding a text as a whole: both syntax and semantics.

In this workshop, participants will learn about different types of MT, interesting problems in the domain, and techniques for MT based on deep learning.

Further Details: http://iciis.org/?page_id=229
Dr. Maheshi Dissanayake

Dr. Damayanthi Herath
Workshop on “Wide area monitoring in Power Systems”11th of December 2021The nature of modern power grids is changing to incorporate growing number of embedded power electronic devices resulting in low system inertia and various control interactions, often making them more susceptible to catastrophic power failures. Thus, advanced monitoring, protection and control systems are required to ensue secure, safe, and reliable grid operation. Synchrophasor technology uses monitoring devices, called phasor measurement units, which take high-speed measurements of phase angles, voltage and frequency that are time stamped with high-precision clocks.

Further Details: http://iciis.org/?page_id=314
Dr Prabath Binduhewa
Dr Sudheera Navaratne
Tutorial on Explainable Machine Learning11th of December 2021Machine Learning is an effective tool that can and has been used in high-stakes decision-making. Thereby, automated decision making based on ML tools with effects on individuals and the society demands better understanding of them (ML tools) and their behaviours. Can black box models cater to that demand? Can we trust them and if yes, how much? This tutorial is aimed to
(i) introduce the models/methods for explainability of Machine Learning models (ii) provide hands-on in tools for the same and (iii) discuss prospects of applications of mentioned methods. This tutorial will especially be useful for industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, postgraduate and undergraduate students seeking further research on this topic.

Further Details: http://iciis.org/?page_id=212
Dr. Damayanthi Herath