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Keynote Speakers


Prof. Matti Latva-aho

Academy Professor, Center for Wireless Communications

University of Oulu, Finland

5G Wireless Systems Research – is there still something to be done?


Biography -

Matti Latva-aho was born in Kuivaniemi, Finland in 1968. He received the M.Sc., Lic.Tech. andDr. Tech (Hons.) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland in 1992, 1996 and 1998, respectively. From 1992 to 1993, he was a Research Engineer at Nokia Mobile Phones, Oulu, Finland. During the years 1994 - 1998 he was a Research Scientist at Telecommunication Laboratory and Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) at the University of Oulu.Prof.Latva-aho was Director of Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) at the University of Oulu during the years 1998-2006. He is Professor of Digital Transmission Techniques at the University of Oulu since 2000 and currently Director of CWC Radio Technologies research unit. His research interests are related tomobile broadband communication systems and currently his group focuses on 5G systems research.Prof.Latva-aho has published 300+ conference or journal papers in the field of wireless communications. He has been TPC Chairman for PIMRC’06, TPC Co-Chairman for ChinaCom’07 and General Chairman for WPMC’08, CROWNCOM’14 and will be organizer for EUCNC’17 in Oulu. He acted as the Chairman and vice-chairman of IEEE Communications Finland Chapter in 2000 – 2003. Prof.Latva-aho has received the following prizes: 2015 Nokia Foundation Award, 2003 IEE Mountbatten Premium Award, 2000 Electrical Engineering Foundation Finland (EIS) Award, 1998 Best doctoral thesis prize of technical sciences in Finland. Prof.Latva-aho is a member of Finnish Academy of Technology since 2011. He will be serving as Academy of Finland Professor during 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2021.

Abstract -

5G has become the hot topic in wireless research community over the past few years. Research efforts have been enormous both within industry and academia. As the first standard version will be finalized during 2018, it is fair to ask what still needs to be done, if anything at all? In this talk the audience will be walked through some of the recent key research activities in 5G area in Europe and Finland in particular, and the role of University of Oulu / CWC in that journey. As the research portfolio in CWC is rather broad and the number of staff is large, the speech will cover some of the fundamental 5G research topics as well as discussion on the major vertical applications with some research project highlights. Finally, some ideas on potential future research topics on 5G will be discussed.