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Original contributions are sought in the wide and multi-disciplinary areas of Communications and Information Technology Electronics and InstrumentationPower systems and High Voltage EngineeringImage and Signal ProcessingRobotics, Control and Automation , Computer and Embedded Systems, Bio-Medical Engineering , Smart Power and Energy Systems 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Communications and Information Technology

Mobile and wireless communications 
Optical and photonic communicationsFree space 
optical networks 
Antennas, propagation, and computational electromagnetics 
Microwave theory and techniques
Radar, sonar, and remote sensing applications
Next-Generation Networking including heterogeneous networks, MIMO systems, cloud architectures and 5G technologies
Wireless sensor, ad hoc and vehicular networks
Cross layer optimization techniques in Wireless Networks
Architectures and Design of Cognitive Radio Networks
Security and privacy for mobile and wireless networks, information systems
WLAN, WPAN, and other home/personal networking technologies 
LTE-Advanced,  WiMAX, WMAN, and other emerging broadband wireless networks
Localization and ranging techniques for communication applications 
Green Approaches for communications, Energy efficient protocols and networking
Satellite and space communications and networking
Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabling technologies
Machine to Machine (M2M) communications

Electronics & Instrumentation

Biomedical electronics and instrumentation 
Sensors and network systems
Microelectronic design, manufacturing, and integration (VLSI, ULSI, SoC) 
Optoelectronics & photonics 
Digital systems and reconfigurable computing
Precision instrumentation and measurements
Healthcare & monitoring systems
Display technology
RF and microwave circuits
Smart sensors and instrumentation systems
Pattern recognition and machine intelligence (PARMI)
Automobile electronics
Industrial electronics and instrumentation

Power High Voltage & Energy Systems

Embedded generation and renewable energy sources for electricity generation
Power quality and electromagnetic compatibility
Power electronic topologies and applications
Energy measurement, pricing, and regulation
Smart power grids, technologies, and applications
Power system protection 
High voltage engineering
Power system modelling, analysis, and control
Electrical Machines and Drives, Cyber Security

Image & Signal Processing

Statistical signal processing
Multimedia signal processing
Array and optimal processing
Audio and acoustic signal processing
Speech signal processing
Radar, sonar, and seismic signal processing
Image, video, and multi-dimensional signal processing
Bio imaging, image analysis, and signal processing 
Spectral analysis 
Signal processing education
DSP hardware implementation
Machine learning for signal processing

Robotics, Control & Automation

Advanced topics in control systems
Industrial robot manipulators
Autonomous systems 
Unmanned vehicles
Distributed systems
Industrial fieldbus systems
Control of Electrical Machines
Vision guided systems 
Man-machine interactions
Electric vehicles

Computer & Embedded Systems

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, expert systems, and evolutionary computing
Cryptography, cryptanalysis, and computer security and privacy
Data fusion, data mining, and knowledge discovery
Distributed systems and cloud computing
Real-time systems
Operating systems, compilers, programming languages, and architecture
Computer networking and sensor networks
Pattern recognition and computer vision
System reliability and security
Software engineering
Hardware software co-design and reconfigurable computing
Big Data

Bio-Medical Engineering


Smart Power and Energy Systems